fly in bahau den

H.O.M.E. Academy is the sole operator at the ‘Bahau Den’ Paragliding Site Bukit Penarikan, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus. The site offers a gentle take off slope gradient between 10%-20% which is believed to be best for all pilot levels to take off and make an easy Top Landing.

The take off site is facing to the North East (NE) and South West (SW) makes this site the only paragliding site that supports all wind seasons in Malaysia.

As a sole operator, we may provide facilities such as transportation from meeting point to take off area, daily site briefing, weather assessment etc. It is also our duty to maintain the harmony of the flight area and its safety. Please read and understand the site rules and regulations carefully.

Weather forecast

For operational requirements, all users are required to register before flying at this site.