Tandem registration

I, as the above mentioned name, hereby confirm that I understand and agree with the following:

Paragliding (“Activity”) is an extreme sport and I am aware that this Activity is dependent on factors such as weather and
wind condition and that the Activity may be cancelled because of such factor. I am also aware of the potential risks
associated with the Activity, including but not limited to, damage to properties, loss of valuables, personal injuries and death.
I must abide with and follow all safety rules, regulations, procedures and instructions of H.O.M.E. Academy and/or tandem
masters and/or organiser and/or management of the paragliding site (which area may include take off site, landing zone as
well as the designated air space) (hereinafter referred to as the “Relevant Parties”) and that in the event I fail to follow such
rules, regulations, procedures and instructions, it could result in personal injuries or even death.
I declare that I have no medical conditions that may render me incapable of participating in the Activity (such as but not
limited to, slip disc, asthma, heart related illness) and that I agree to participate in the Activity at my own risk.
I agree to defend, indemnify (meaning to pay or reimburse any amount required to be paid, including but not limited to
attorneys’ fees) and hold the Relevant Parties harmless from all claims, causes of action, liability, losses, or damages for any
property damage, property loss or theft, personal injury, disability, death or other loss brought by or on behalf of me, my
child, a family member, my estate, another participant or spectator, or any other person arising from or relating to my
participation in the Activity. I understand that no financial and/or legal claim shall be made against the Related Parties in
respect of such property damage, property loss or theft, personal injury, disability, death and/or other losses.
I understand and acknowledge that the Relevant Parties reserve the right to stop the activity and dismiss me from
participating without refund in the event I violate any safety rules, regulations, procedures and instructions.
I acknowledge and agree that, pursuant and subject to Personal Data Protection Act 2010, provision of my personal data as
requested in this form is voluntary. However, in the event of my refusal, the Relevant Parties will not be able to process my
personal data for the purpose of the Activity and the related purposes as explained in para. 7 below. In such event, the
Relevant Parties have the right not to provide the Activity.
I acknowledge and agree that the Relevant Parties may use my (or my child) name, photos, images and/or videos for
promotional or advertisement purposes and I hereby authorise the use of such. I also agree to receive any promotional
material from the Relevant Parties either through e-mail or postal mail.
I hereby confirmed and declared that I have read, understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this
Indemnity and Release Form voluntarily.