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"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turnes skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return"
- Leonardo Da Vinci


It’s simple to fly, but it takes a lifetime to master! You’ll need to be fit, adventurous and have free time, but you don’t need to be fearless. Caution and careful risk management are traits of good pilots.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Our TakeOff point is located on top of Penarikan Hill, Bahau, Negeri Sembilan. With the height of 416 meters or 1364 feet above sea level and its geographical resources offers great opportunities for recreational and cross country flying. 

Below will be the meeting point. Only official transport is allowed to go up.

There is no requirement for licensing or any other certification for you to fly at your own concern but our site safety officer may ask to see your license or rating before letting you fly so that you would not endanger others and the harmony of the flying sites.

As an enthusiast, it is a wise decision to at least attend proper training program provided in Training to prevent any uneventful accidents that might take place to you and others.

Please verify yourself by registering on our website.

Step 1 : Click (FunFly) 

Step 2 : Fill in the form in accordance to your plan

Step 3 : Upon successful registration, confirmation email will be provided. Show it to our ground crew for verification.

Step 4 : Fly! 

If you are an independent paragliding pilot, and possess your own equipment/gears then there are no operating costs other than the site fees and transportation. We do not provide meals unless mentioned.

In order to fly independently, you need to attend and complete the basic training course. It is best that you enroll in our programme. Check it out on our Training!

As long as the license or proficiency ratings card is from among the list of agencies that are recognised internationally, then you do not require further additional license to fly in Bahau.

Your activities will be limited only to recreational activities. XC flying will need consultation by H.OM.E. Academy. Commercial tandem flights or teaching new students are not allowed without proper documentation by H.O.M.E Academy.

Despite not using an engine, paraglider flights can last many hours and cover many hundreds of kilometres, though flights of one to two hours and covering some tens of kilometres are more the norm. By skillful exploitation of sources of lift, the pilot may gain height, often climbing to altitudes of a few thousand metres.

Careful planning and permission of airspace usage is required before attempting to fly long distance, and of course acquiring the right training and skills too.

Of course it is possible, it is called Tandem Flight. In fact, this method is the most popular form of engaging the public to paragliding. No experience needed, just listen carefully to the pre-flight briefing and as long as you are properly attired, being the passenger should be a breeze.

To arrange for tandem flights in Bahau, please fill-in the Tandem Booking form at this website and we will get back to you with the confirmation slots.

Paragliding is a relatively safe sport when participants are adhering to the safety regulations, ensuring that all equipment is well kept and maintained and instructors are following the standard operating procedures.

As a site operator, we keep our safety standard high to keep the smile of everyone. Do follow the rules and standard.

As of date, there are several insurance plans from local insurance companies that cover paragliding because this sport is starting to be considered as a recreational sport.

Although the tandem pilot may have his/her insurance coverage, it may not cover their passengers. Therefore it is imperative that the passenger subscribes to an insurance plan that specifically covers the paragliding activity. HO.M.E. Academy will do the arrangement if you are planning to be our passenger.

It’s not so much about how old you are, it is more about your general level of fitness, health and mental state.

Although no medical examinations are officially required to learn to paraglide, you should be in generally good health. You should be fit and active and have good coordination. You must be able to run a bit for around 5-15 meters on take-off and landing and you could be walking up hills carrying a 15-20kg rucksack full of paragliding equipment.

If you suffer from any medical condition such as epilepsy, giddiness, heart condition, osteoporosis or diabetes you should ask your Doctor’s advice before taking part in a paragliding course.

For the exact reasons mentioned above, there is no exact age limit to learn paragliding because age does not measure the pilot’s physiological fitness, his/her maturity or their ability to make sound technical judgments.

If you are learning to fly or just completed your training, the best person to consult on getting your first equipment would be your instructor. Your instructor would know the most suitable setup based on your training. H.O.M.E. Academy is keen about safety and fun, we are also dealers for some paragliding brands. Check out our shop and connect with us for more details.

Ideally and legally, the best choice would be helmets that have an EN-966 certification because the agency responsible for producing the certifications executed simulated impacts on the helmets that are usually resulted from paragliding activities. Helmet designs that passed the tests will be accorded the EN-966 certifications.

Please avoid using bicycle helmets! A skateboarding helmet is still acceptable to a certain degree but best practice would be proper paragliding helmets from manufacturers such as Ozone, SupAir, Charly, PlusMax, Icaro et cetera.

We welcome the arrival of all pilots for any purpose, however, for such operations, you need to register yourself on the website. The procedure is:

1) Click on the “FunFly” page

2) Press “register”

3) Click on “Guided Flight”

4) Fill in the required details

5) Wait for email confirmation from H.O.M.E. Academy.